Recent Tree Cutting Story

Recently, we were called out to a resident in Seattle to cut down a tree. The tree had been knocked over during a storm. However, it had not fully fallen to the ground. It had been caught by two other trees. Fortunately, due to this, their nice expensive shed was saved.

We got the call to come out and take care of it. We recognized right away that this would not be an easy tree cutting experience. It was intertwined with these other two trees while leaning on them as well as leaning at the top on another tree. The shed was about 5 yards away from the leaning tree.

We recognized that we would need a bucket to help lift us up high enough to start cutting the tree down. Our company takes every precaution to make sure we are safe. Yet, to be honest, there are times where safety is questionable. As our guys got in the bucket and began cutting at the top of the tree, I recognized that there was danger involved. The tree that had fallen was leaning so heavy at the top of the other tree, there were concerns of what would happen once we cut it. Would the tree fall all the way down putting our guys at risk? How much pressure and weight was leaning on it? Fortunately, after cutting it, the tree only moved slightly, but it was enough to scare our worker at the top.

We continued to cut pieces of the tree of one by one as we moved our way down to the end of the tree. It was also in a difficult spot so we continued to have to move the bucket lift. It is here that I would like to say thanks to the owner of Arch City Tree Services. As I worked on this tree, I was reminded of all of the training that I had received while working for them that would better prepare to do this on my own. So cuddos to Arch City for all of the training and experience.

Once we had made our way to the bottom, it continued to get tricky due to the fact that the tree was intertwined with another tree. We carefully and slowly piece cut the tree keeping us from danger as well as keeping it from falling on the shed. We were amazed at how well this job went considering all of the dangers that could have happened on this job.

If you have any tree cutting stories that you have survived, please feel free to comment.

Why We Blog?

We have decided to start blogging our recent tree service endeavors. We feel that it would give our clients more of a professional feel to our company. We believe the more we can present ourselves to our communities and regions the better respected we will be. Our hope is also that we will be able to connect with our clients and potential clients in a personal manner so that they feel connected with who we are as a company. Our goal in doing this is to give our clients great opportunities to have some good gossip about us within our community. Because of this we will be sharing some funny stories, work related stories and all things focused on helping you with your tree services. You can check out some of our other stories on Twitter.